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... is an international production house based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

We create quality productions within feature film and television, documentary, commercial/infomercial & music videos.

Among our highlights is the one-of-a-kind documentary 'Street Tunes' - the colorful story about Charlie Petersson traveling through the major cities ofd Europe surviving only as a street musician. The Swedish domestic distribution rights was sold to SVT - Sweden's biggest channel and VOD and had it's TV and VOD premiere on 30/1-2022.

The international sales rights for the documentary was optioned by PopTwist Entertainment.

The TV-show version of 'Street Tunes' based on the concept of the Petersson documentary has as of fall 2022 been optioned by Warner Bros Sverige.

Also among our highlights is ''Min Lilla Storebror' (Eng: 'Little Big Brother'), a documentary directed by Ellen Helinder which have been distributed on television and Video-On-Demand in 8 countries and counting all over the globe. 

Also mentionable are our music videos for the international indie band Tribe Friday. Together we've created several videos, giving the band heartfelt stories that mirror their songs and being a supporting force to their rise on the music scene during 2020 - with them landing a nomination for 'Årets Grupp'/'Group of the year' at the Swedish P3 Gold awards and competing in the Swedish Eurovision; Melodifestivalen.

WorldVibe Film focuses on story.

We believe that a story-driven production will always make the audience feel, which in the end, is our main and end goal as filmmakers and brands. Wether that is the form of a feature film, music video or a commercial - we are masters in creating a heartfelt production. 

Clients & Partners

Warner Bros Sverige


PopTwist Entertainment

Bonnier Group


C More

PBS America - UK


SBS Australia



Assistans För Dig

Nordica Assistans

Region Värmland


HOSS Agency

Tribe Friday

Artist For Artist Management

Jubel Agency

GL Music Entertainment

GHP - Specialisttandläkarna

PopSwap App

God Dag TV

"To travel, party and meet new people. To enjoy and explore live music and Europe's roaring streets. 

'Street Tunes' has everything every other production has been missing during the pandemic. A true happy pill which we believe will inspire and bring happiness to our viewers"

- Carl Englén, Acquisition Manager, SVT- about 'Street Tunes'

"Charlie Petersson & WorldVibe Film is a force to be reckoned with. He's brought our visions to life time after time again with precision and zeal. Bravo sir Petersson!"

- Matthew Reich & Neal Saini, CEO & CFO of AFA Management.

"This film is so important because it only goes to show how you should never judge anyone - since you never know how circumstances people come home to. You never know what's going on their lives."

- Maria Hermansson, Acquisition Manager, TV4 - about 'Little Big Brother'

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